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    $145 | 2 Days
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    8 max
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How to Design Your own Kitchen; Soup to Nuts

Every kitchen designed, built and installed by Beagle & Potts Woodworking is completely unique. We believe that the clients’ imprimatur should be on their kitchen. We provide the how-to to their vision. This is your opportunity to meld your vision with our sweat…or something. Where’e the copywriter when you need one?
As a participant in this workshop, you will take photos of your kitchen and then take measurements. We will show you copious examples of appliances (photographs likes & dislikes), widgets, gizmo’s and gadgets (most of which at first are very sexy, but then over time with repeated use, lose their joie de vivre and enter the “path” to the dump) and talk about how to incorporate them in a smart way into your new or existing kitchen.

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